5 Tips for Fighting Drowsy Driving

Experts Warn Against These 5 Tips for Fighting Drowsy Driving

Drowsiness behind the wheel is a dangerous practice that involves a substantial hazard for road safety. According to the NHTSA, drowsy driving leads to thousands of accidents and fatalities annually. Dealing with drowsy driving is essential; however, not all advice and methods are efficient or harmless. 

5 Tips That Are Not a Good Way to Combat Drowsy Driving

Let’s examine five commonly recommended strategies for fighting drowsy driving that are not helpful.

#1 Consuming caffeine alone

Caffeine intake through coffee or energy drinks is a commonly suggested method to combat drowsy driving. Temporary energy enhancement and improved attentiveness are provided by caffeine. However, relying solely on it is not an effective long-term solution. While caffeine can disguise fatigue, it fails to address the real reason behind drowsiness. Furthermore, its outcomes are transient and may diminish, culminating in an unforeseen drop in vigilance that could be hazardous when driving.

#2 Starting up the air conditioning or cracking open a window

An oft-cited way to remain awake during long drives is by cracking open your car windows or boosting your A/C for refreshing coolness. While it may briefly provide a sense of being fresh and alert, this method is not a sustainable solution for battling sleepiness. The chilly air has the potential to be a distraction and discomfort, hindering your concentration on driving. Moreover, driving with windows down can produce extra sound, adding to driver tiredness.

#3 Blaring loud tunes or getting involved in stimulating tasks

Some individuals prefer combating sleepiness by playing loud music and doing things like singing out loud and making active movements. While they may offer a momentary diversion and enhance awareness, these methods are not trustworthy in fighting against sleep-deprived driving. Participating in such undertakings may direct your concentration elsewhere, limit your potential to catch significant audio signals, and increase driver exhaustion gradually.

#4 Using mobile apps or gadgets that maintain to prohibit drowsy driving

Preventing drowsy driving by detecting fatigue has become a common feature among many newly launched smartphone apps and devices in recent times. Still, it is uncertain whether these apps and devices can deliver their promised effectiveness. Inaccurate detection of drowsiness by either motion sensors or algorithms may cause numerous individuals to either feel falsely secure or receive incorrect alerts.  Counting entirely on these technologies can lead to driver distraction, which may cause more harm than benefit.

#5 Neglecting alerts and powering through weariness

Pushing through exhaustion and ignoring warning signs of fatigue is a dangerous approach to fighting against drowsy driving. Some people think that if they adopt a mentality of pushing through exhaustion, they can beat fatigue solely with their determination. That said, this approach is extremely hazardous as it can impair judgment capabilities, slow down reaction times significantly, and even lead to episodes of micro-sleeping. Ignoring signals of tiredness could substantially augment the odds of having a severe collision.


Not all tips and techniques are effective or safe in combating drowsy driving, which is a serious issue that requires attention. To counteract drowsy driving, it is not advisable to depend solely on caffeine intake, opening car windows, playing music at high volume levels using smartphone applications, or disregarding warnings. To avoid accidents while driving, it’s necessary to prioritize prevention strategies like getting sufficient sleep beforehand, taking periodic rests during travel, or arranging stopovers in case of longer trips. Make sure that your top priority is always keeping yourself and others safe while driving.

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